2016 Candidates As Disney Princesses

There was a debate last night! Although celebrities like Kim Kardashian carry the bloodline of American royalty, our cadre of nutty politicians are the next closest thing. With the help of the courageous media, our primary season has 'exposed' the Presidential field as a group of spoiled, pretty people.┬áSo why not compare them to our … Continue reading 2016 Candidates As Disney Princesses


Dakota Riddles the Capital (With Riddles)

Riddle Me WMATA What is always on track but never on time? And creeps along a thin red line? Sometimes Running, Never Moving Public Services Disproving Riddle Me Round and Round and Round and Then Round Some More It sucks in traffic, bicycles as well Like the lamest circle of hell, Round and round like … Continue reading Dakota Riddles the Capital (With Riddles)

My Monthy Python Barista Moment

Someday, I will say this to my son about my career in coffee shops: Listen Lad, I built my barista credentials up from nothing. When I started last year at Soho, I didn't know the difference between an Americano and a pourover. All the bosses said I was daft to try and serve a latte, … Continue reading My Monthy Python Barista Moment