Space Force Monsters 6: Pruitticorn


Background: Before the space monsters declared war on America, Pruitticorn actually sued Planet Earth for not letting space monsters kill humans fast enough. Therefore, as a bit of an in-joke, Pruitticorn was briefly in charge of the “Space Monsters Human Protection Program”, before an unfortunate incident with hand lotion forced him into temporary retirement.

Evil Superpowers: Do not be fooled by his handsome torso-face. Pruitticorn is a formidable enemy for any Space Force. He has the power to turn the very instruments of our planetary defense against us, to become weapons of space monster destruction. He can turn solar panels into mountains of coal. Pristine beaches into crude oil slicks. When Pruitticorn is feeling particularly monstrous, he tempts human children with cans of insecticide, or asbestos mysteriously purchased from Russia.

Evil Catchphrase: None. Pruitticorn only issues statements through subordinate space monsters. All direct conversations with Pruitticorn take place inside his new soundproof spaceship.



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