Creatures of Cape Cod: Haikus

I was on Cape Cod teaching natural nature for two months. These are the things you will see in the tidal pools, explained in haiku form:

Green Crabs 13450708_10100262699514903_4736402517033323557_n

Got crabs? Me neither.

Wait! Here’s one walking sideways

in my open palms.


Moon Snails Moon-Snail-Shell-2-1

Waxing poetic,

The full moon snail penetrates

with its radula.



Mussels V Clams BlueMussels

Clams are white. Mussels

are black, but eating shellfish?

50 shades of gray.

Mussels, Clams and Scallops, Dead This Time

See that hole right there?

Someone used their radula

and drilled baby drilled.

Sand Worms IMG_4735

Have you read “Dune” by

Frank Herbert? That book sucks. But

worm casings (see photo) are neat.




Horseshoe Crabs tmp

An ancient species,

neither crab nor spider nor

spider crab. Spikey.



Hermit Crabs 13394090_10100262699614703_8217209012597514342_n

An ancient species,

neither snail nor spider nor

hermit-ty. But cute!

Sea centipedes sea centipede

So gross, but did you

see the Human Centipede?

That movie was nuts.




Sand 10885016_967202102113_1570920818616885764_n

I hate sand. I gets

everywhere. Not like you, dear.

You’re finer than sand.

Coniferous V Deciduous Trees

deciduous trees

know when to let go; the rest

keep pining away



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