Live From The Comments Section

Every six years on this blog we like to show our gratitude to loyal readers by showcasing a select comment that best exemplifies the spirit of discursive dialogue that we hope to engage with on this site. Today that honor belongs to John Kabel of Internetland, who has this to say about my latest post: … Continue reading Live From The Comments Section


Sad Clowns of OK Cupid

I dislike online dating. And I think the initial stages are weighted heavily against men. Don't believe me? Click here. But how do I write an article complaining about online dating without sounding like a hater?¬†How about by identifying it as part of a larger problem of online interaction and communication? A poor and pathetic … Continue reading Sad Clowns of OK Cupid

The Case Against Veggie Dogs

After careful contemplation, I can't really think of a more disingenuous attempt at food than the veggie dog. For a long time, I've felt a moral confusion over the concept of imitation meat; even as someone who has made a slightly more concerted effort at switching to eating things like seitan and soy and sunflower … Continue reading The Case Against Veggie Dogs

A (Brief) Tour of Roadside Garbage in Dennisport, MA.

It's almost summer on the Cape! But right now I'm sitting in a strange bed in Colebrook CT, with either the flu or metal fume fever, so it's a great time to talk about all the garbage I've been finding while wandering around the beaches and backwoods¬†of West Dennis. (our g During the first week … Continue reading A (Brief) Tour of Roadside Garbage in Dennisport, MA.