2016 Candidates As Disney Princesses

There was a debate last night! Although celebrities like Kim Kardashian carry the bloodline of American royalty, our cadre of nutty politicians are the next closest thing. With the help of the courageous media, our primary season has 'exposed' the Presidential field as a group of spoiled, pretty people. So why not compare them to our … Continue reading 2016 Candidates As Disney Princesses


“Star Wars” vs “Go Set a Watchman”

Comparing the two most hotly anticipated reboots of 2015 In the year 2015 we saw an amazing phenomenon: a world-renowned artist sold their intellectual property under dubious circumstances and an exciting sequel was released which takes place several decades after the original story, promising a fresh look at familiar characters. A shocking twist was guaranteed. But am … Continue reading “Star Wars” vs “Go Set a Watchman”