Unknown Unknowns Worse Than ISIS

Americans have always had a healthy sense of fear. As one of the founding fathers said, "those who would trade security for even a bit of liberty probably never read Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark when they were a young child." Lately, however, I fear that our fear has become displaced. Not that refugee grandmas … Continue reading Unknown Unknowns Worse Than ISIS


A Few Thoughts on Jose Reyes

Yesterday was a sad day for baseball. A pitcher, Tommy Hanson, died last night. He was only 29 years old. And it was reported that one my all-time favorite player, Jose Reyes, was arrested for domestic abuse on Halloween night (mugshot above). This is tragic news for his wife, who I hope is alright, and … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Jose Reyes

The Most Beautiful Parts of Beautiful Candidates

The year 2015 has given us a dynamic and impressive slate of Republican candidates for the Presidential nomination, but this despite this, the liberal media refuses to acknowledge their positive attributes. The debate forums have been designed for the moderators to chastise and cajole the candidates into belittling themselves and one another, eschewing the important … Continue reading The Most Beautiful Parts of Beautiful Candidates

“His Dark Materials” Television Show? Bleh

http://variety.com/2015/tv/global/bbc-orders-philip-pullmans-his-dark-materials-1201632207 The BBC is producing a television version of the "His Dark Materials" trilogy, which could be good, but its also disappointing in that it means at best the cinematic treatment this series deserves is postponed indefinitely. I want to talk now about how much I hated the movie that came out in 2007. The … Continue reading “His Dark Materials” Television Show? Bleh