LANDMARK SMACKDOWN: John Hancock Center vs John Hancock Tower

Show me your John Hancock, America!, I said

And America showed me TWO.

1225_01_77_web john-hancock-tower-boston-ma072

The first one is a famous skyscraper in Chicago. The second one is a not-as-famous glass rectangle in Boston. But which is BETTER? Let’s evaluate:

Aesthetics: The Center is tall, imposing, black, and generally kind of scary. The Tower is a mirror reflecting Boston’s soul and I always liked it better than “The Pru.” WINNER JHT

Height: The Center is 1.500 feet tall. The Tower tops out at 790. WINNER THE METRIC SYSTEM BECAUSE FEET ARE SMELLY

Marriages: I attending a wedding at Copley Square, where the Tower is. I did not attend a wedding in Chicago. WINNER JHT

Movie Moment: Is the Center in “Transformers 3”? Is the Tower in that movie about the Red Sox? Do any monsters climb up these facades? Do aliens destroy these buildings at some point? I plead ignorance. WINNER EVERYBODY

View From The Top: Can’t see Russia from either one. Don’t even think you can see Canada. WINNER NOBODY

Radio antennae: The Center has two, the Tower has none. WINNER JHC TIMES TWO

Funnest Fun Fact: The Center was the tallest building in the world outside of New York City in 1968. Also it has the world’s highest swimming pool. When the Tower was first built, glass plates from upper floor windows would crash to street level and they had to close off certain blocks on windy days. Also on windy days the building swayed and upper floor workers got motion sickness. WINNER THE WIND…AND JHT

Nickname: “Big John” (Chicago) vs “The Hancock” WINNER JHC

So now we’re all even at 3-3. What do you think?


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