Mussel Jokes

That's right, they're our favorite food at the raw seafood bar, and our favorite source of hilarious material. But until now, nobody's bothered to put all the mussel jokes onto one page. I've taken on that responsibility. The results are below: 1. Why can't Jews play sports? Because mussels aren't kosher! 2. A mussel walks … Continue reading Mussel Jokes


Election Day in Israel- Lemons Aplenty

Today is election day in Israel. The right-wing coalition is supposed to become even stronger. If there's a silver lining (and there really isn't) it's that one of the Kings of Crazy, Avigdor Lieberman, won't be around for the party this time. I've been reading a lot, simultaneously going back and forth between "The Lemon … Continue reading Election Day in Israel- Lemons Aplenty