Rethinking-and renaming!-Hurricanes

No matter the severity of the storm, one of the real lasting tragedies of Hurricane Sandy and company is how silly they sound, and what a missed opportunity this is. Hurricanes should get corporate sponsors. Hurricane Sam Adams. Hurricane Shop Rite. "Hurricane Subway-stay safe but remember, 50 mph winds is no reason not to eat … Continue reading Rethinking-and renaming!-Hurricanes


Dakota Does Halloween Part II

  WITCHES Identifying ‘which witch is which’ can sometimes be tricky, not to mention dangerous, because you have to distinguish between the Wiccan kind who threaten to find your inner light or whatever, or the real witchy kind who can do magic tricks and shit. I’ve seen witches. You’re probably wondering, do they look like … Continue reading Dakota Does Halloween Part II

Aaron and Dakota: Norebangs in the US-Could It Happen?

Today's discussion will be between Aaron Dorman and Dakota Dunlap McKee Aaron: Welcome back from Korea! Dakota: You were there too. Aaron: Right. Well, anyway, let's discuss. One of my favorite things about Korea was the private karaoke room, or norebang.  It's one of the cultural things I'm really going to miss. I'm wondering today … Continue reading Aaron and Dakota: Norebangs in the US-Could It Happen?