Saunas,Special Chairs and More Pictures

On Sunday I was coerced into visited my first "jinjabong", or Korean sauna, on Jeju island. Not to be...whatever, of course this is sexist, but FOREIGN WOMEN LOVE THESE STUPID SAUNAS. They can't get enough of them. If my co-workers are stressed out or in a bad mood or have too much time on their … Continue reading Saunas,Special Chairs and More Pictures


February is Stupid, and Some Pictures

February is a pointless month, nothing of particular interest is going right now. Or at least, nothing I can really put on this blog. Anyway, here are some long overdue pictures: This is a sculpture from a Yamsan station in Seoul. Here's another: Look who it is! Timo LaTour, Kate Corr, and Aaron Dorman at … Continue reading February is Stupid, and Some Pictures