You say Goodbye, I say…uh, Hello? (And Goodbye)

Today we said "goodbye" to two teachers at Yale who I'm fairly certain I had never met before until today, although I am sure they were wonderful people. These were two Korean teachers who'd worked at Yale for two years. I should have added in my novella about classes that every class has a Korean … Continue reading You say Goodbye, I say…uh, Hello? (And Goodbye)


Kids These Days

Over the past week, I've spent dozens of hours with little Korean children. Some of them are well behaved, some of them are not, but all of them are pretty fascinating to me, because not only have I never taught kids before, I've never taught Korean kids before. I teach grades 2-9, of varying levels … Continue reading Kids These Days

Looking for food in all the wrong places.

I've been very busy, hence the silence. Here is a tentative schedule of what I want to write about: Monday: first week of classes, and a nice cafe. Tuesday: My apartment. Wednesday: The weekend. And by then, there should be plenty of material to continue with. Although I’ve been taking care of my apartment and … Continue reading Looking for food in all the wrong places.